Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NIFT Guest Tyer - Craig Riendeau


On Monday March 12th, NIFT was honored to have Craig Riendeau as the guest tier. Craig is known for his warm water flies. His bass flies have been seen in Fly Tyer Magazine, Rainy's Flies and in the FFF Fly Tying book. Craig's latest pattern that he demonstrated for NIFT members was the "Shimmy Fish".
Craig is a member of the Atlanta Fly Fishing Club and the Fall Line Fly Anglers of Macon, Georgia. An ardent warm water fly tier and angler originally from the Chicagoland area where he was fly fishing director for the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance. He was a speaker and demonstrator at many Midwest fly shows. Now he plies his talents on the spots and shoalies that inhabit Georgia's waters.

Thanks Craig.

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