Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Carp on the Fly


This was sent to me from retired NIFTY Member Myron.


Hope you are still finding lots of time to fish and continue to document your opportunities on the NIFT blog. I check that site often. Still miss the tying sessions and hope you'll eventually move the meetings to Tarpon Springs, FL. :)

Some time back, I believe you, Mark and I talked about carp opportunities in Northern Indiana. I've been chasing them ever since. Caught several two years ago, but was skunked since then. Well, that was the case until this morning.

Clear Lake in La Porte, IN is loaded with nice size carp and is easily accessible. But like all carp, they spook easily and are hard to catch on a fly. My previous technique wasn't working, so today I switched to the John Montana hybrid carp fly. Had a hit on the third or fourth cast, but it broke off. Moved to another area nearby and landed one that was just over 26 inches long (see first photo). It was tons of fun on 6wt setup. Moved to another area and the gills were quicker to the fly than the carp, but eventually I landed one more (2nd photo).

If you and Mark are still occasionally chasing carp, I highly recommend this fly. I've also caught big sunfish and crappie with it in Florida.
Myron J. Bezdicek

Thanks Myron for the info/update! 
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