Tuesday, May 05, 2015

"Deep Sparkle Pupae"


Fly Tying Demonstration by NIFTY member: Barry Coddens
Demonstration Date is May 4, 2015
Tonight’s Fly: Deep Sparkle Pupae

  • Hook: TMC 3761 #12-18
  • Thread: Danville 6/0 – Tan
  • Overbody: Antron Yarn - Cream
  • Underbody: Superfine dubbing – Light Cahill
  • Shuck: Strands of Overbody material.
  • Head: Superfine dubbing – Brown
About the Fly

This pattern was developed by Gary LaFontaine reportedly around 1974. The Deep Sparkle Pupa is designed to mimic the caddis pupa while it is still on the bottom drifting. The fly is imitates the “bubbles” that caddis flies use to rise to the surface prior to hatching. The original fly tied by LaFontaine (shown above) had no tailing shuck, but many who tie the fly add this to their fly. The TMC 3761 hook is sufficiently heavy so that additional weighting of the fly is not normally necessary. (See Gary LaFontaine’s book Caddisflies)

Fish the fly with a light mono leader with a floating fly line just prior to the start of the caddis hatch.

Tying Instructions:

1) After crimping down the barb secure the hook securely in the vice and cast on the thread about two eye lengths behind the eye. Cover the hook shank working back with thread stopping at the barb. 
2) Select the color of Antron yarn for the veiled overbody. How much Antron is used will depend on the size of fly being tied. Take about half this material and tie on the bottom (or backside) of the hook. Take the other half and tie on the top (or front) of the fly wrapping the ends forward to the eye and back. Leave both pieces of Antron hanging off the back of the hook.
3) Dub on small amounts of Superfine dubbing and wrap forward to a point about one eye length behind the eye.
4) Brush both lengths of Antron and bring both pieces forward. With two loose wraps tie in the Antron yarn one eye length behind the eye.
5) With a dubbing needle (toothpicks work equally well) gently tease out the Antron yarn creating the bubble, or veil, of the fly. Optional: Cut a few of the overbody Antron fibers pulling them back on the hook. Twist these to create the shuck.
6) When satisfied with the veil, tie in the Antron with two pinch wraps of thread to secure the Antron. Remove the excess Antron.
7) Take a small amount of brown dubbing and create the head of the fly.
8) Whip-finish to complete the fly. Optional: Some instructions suggest cementing the head for durability.


Weight: Weighted flies are tied with wire on the shank or with bead heads to get the fly deeper in the water column. There is also on which ties the fly on a jig head.

Overbody/Veil: Flies are tied with combination of Antron yarn for the overbodies or veils. Combinations can be: Cream/White; Gold/Cream/White; Gray/Light Brown/White; Tan/Olive; Gold/Burnt Orange. When combinations are used it is normal for the darker color Antron to be on the bottom.

Underbody: The underbodies of these flies can range from very light in color to darker colors. Typically the colors are in browns and greens with some orange underbodies tied in the fall months. Dubbing material can be Superfine dubbing; Antron dubbing either alone or in combinations with one another.

Wings: Ties without a wing the fly is the original Deep Sparkle Pupae tied by LaFontaine, the addition of a wing creates the Deep Sparkle Emerger. Wing material can range from a few deer hairs; Lemon Wood Duck flank fibers; brown Marabou or s single Partridge feather.
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