Thursday, February 12, 2015

Homemade Stripping Basket

Don't know if it's of interest or maybe everyone in NIFT already has a stripping basket, but I made one for less than $15. Used a Graco child's step stool, Ozark Trail flat bungee cord and some plastic ties that I already had. You can buy the step stool at Target for $11. Click here. I like it because it's curved so that it sits comfortably against the body.  The bungee strap was about $5, but not sure where I bought it. Click here. It has aluminum clips, which are far more corrosion resistant than the more conventional bungee cords. I have another one made from a green step stool. Keep that one in Michigan. Think trout might get easily spooked with a white basket, but don't think that's an issue in salt water. The salt water fish seem far more aggressive. Don't have a picture of it on this computer, so I'll send one from my cell phone. Regards, Myron (Retired NIFTY Member).
Thanks Myron, very cool! 
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