Sunday, November 16, 2014

The "Frenchie"

Materials (list materials in the order they are tied on the hook)
  • Hook:  Nymph size 14, 1X
  • Thread:  Pink fluorescent 70 denier or 8/0
  • Head:  7/64 Diameter gold or copper bead
  • Weight: .015 lead-free wire
  • Tail:  Natural Pheasant tail
  • Body:  Natural Pheasant tail
  • Rib:  Gold wire, brassy size
  • Collar: hot pink ice dubbing, or your favorite dubbing color
            * Any color of fluorescent thread can be used to match ice dub color.

About the Fly
The “Frenchie” fly pattern was invented by World Fly Fishing Champion (WFFC) Lance Egan of Lehi, Utah. This pattern targets all trout species. The Frenchie is used by many anglers in the Czech Nymphing Technique or tandem rig dead drift.  The simple profile and heavy tungsten bead, keep the Frenchie rolling on the bottom.  The Frenchie can be tied in many colors variations, with the hot spot collar usually being pink or orange.

Tying Instructions:
  1. Place bead on hook. Secure hook in vise jaw.
  2. Place 8 wraps of .015 lead-free wire on hook shank behind bead.
  3. Apply small amount of super glue on lead wrap and slide under bead.
  4. Tie on thread before lead wire, wrapping forward and then back to create even body.
  5. Tie in 8-10 Pheasant tail fibers behind lead wire, using butt end of fibers.
  6. Tie in copper wire near side of hook behind lead wire. Wrap back to hook bend then back behind lead wire.
  7. Tie in 8-10 Pheasant tail fibers at the tip behind lead wraps. Wrap thread forward behind bead head.
  8. Wrap Pheasant tail fibers forward towards bead head and tie off behind bead.
  9. Counter wrap copper wire forward and tie off behind bead.
  10. Dub thorax with UV Ice Dub Pink behind bead head.
  11. Build up visible collar with thread and secure.
  12. Use head cement to secure. 
Fly tied by NIFTy member Jim Gould.
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