Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rusty Double Wing Spinner

Fly Tying Demonstration by: NIFTY Member Ed Cargill
Rusty Double Wing Spinner

Materials (list materials in the order they are tied on the hook)

• Hook: Daiichi #1180 size 14 or equal.
• Thread: Montana Fly Co. Rusty brown and Uni Rusty brown size 8/0 …Prefer a thread that can be flattened by untwisting it.
• Tail: Dun or white hackle fibers
• Body: Montana Fly Co. rusty brown 8/0 ribbed with Uni rusty brown 8/0 spun to form a rope
• Dubbing: ultra/super fine rusty brown
• Wings: Dun or White poly yarn
• Head: Montana fly co. Rusty brown 8/0
• The goal on this pattern is to use matching colors of thread and dubbing…if you don’t have rusty brown use tan or brown thread and dubbing
About the Fly:

History of the pattern, who created it, where was this fly developed?

The best I can do as far as who created this fly is Mark Ellis.

What species of fish is targeted with this fly? Explain how to fish the pattern.

Trout and this fly is fished as you would any dry up stream or down.

Tying Instructions:

The first material is the hackle fibers used for the tail. These are tied in long, 1 1/2 times the body or more. The body is thread laid on flat over the hackle fibers. The first wing , about 3 or 4 inches of poly yarn is tied in at the 1/2 point of the body. The second wing ,the same length is tied in two wraps forward of the first. Both wings are figure 8s in place, working forward. At this point the thread is forward of the second wing and Ultra fine dubbing is applied crisscrossing the wings ending in front of the front wing. Build the head with the tying thread.
Once the fly is tied, its time to trim the wings. Hold the wings together and cut 1 and 1/4 body length. Now hold the scissors at a 45 degree angle with points towards the back of the body and shape the wings. Trim loose fibers and you are done.

You Tube Video link for this pattern
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