Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Simms G-3 Guide Boots
I came across this Simms G3 Guide Boots article and I feel this review is very true to what I have experienced.

A couple years ago I purchased the Simms G3 Guide stocking foot waders and could not be more pleased. These were a step up from my previous waders. I was headed up to Gates Au Sable Lodge in Grayling Michigan with NIFTY club members and thought I should purchase a new pair of wading boots before I go. Upon arrival at Gates, I was eager to begin fishing and started suiting up. Now mind you, the wading boots were still in the box and I never opened them after the salesman handed them to me. I opened the box and quickly realized I had two left foot boots. I was scratching my head and realized what happened at the store while trying on several different sizes. Accidents happen so I was not too concerned. I journeyed quickly over to the pro shop. I explained to Gates owner Josh Greenberg my situation and he laughed. I told him the boots I had bought and he said he had several styles to choose from. I told him that I tough on my gear and need boots that can keep up with my active fishing style. He recommended the Simms G3 Guide Boots. I realized they were the highest priced boots in his shop for $199. I asked Josh what boots does he wear. He related that he has the same boots. He said that he bought his five years ago and they are still holding up. I have enjoyed my boots and will definitely purchase these again.
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