Friday, April 11, 2014

"Driftless Area" SW Wisconsin

After a brutal winter in the burbs outside Chicago, it was time I shake the cabin fever and chase trout with the numerous flies I tied. I decided to rent a cabin for 4 nights at West Fork Sportsman Lodge in Avalanche, WI. The weather could not have cooperated any better and the trout were feeding ferociously. After the first hour and several lost big brown trout to broken line, I realized it was time to upgrade to 3X 8.5 lb leader. I have never experienced trout feeding so hard on streamers. It's probably because I have never chased trout this early. I thought maybe it was because of the stream section I was on. That was not the case. The trout were slamming almost every streamer I threw. When I caught a decent brown trout it coughed up a shiner. I was able to find a streamer I tied over the winter that looked very close to this bait fish. I advanced my leader to 0X 15.5 lb test, tied on the steamer and couldn't believe the fish I was catching. Even when I caught a small brown, larger browns were attacking them as I brought them in. I'm talking about 6-8 browns were almost bait for these predators. NIFT Member Jim G.
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