Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Davidson River in North Carolina

My Uncle sent this to me;

Was thinking of you Jim, last Tues. When Scott and I went up on the Davidson River for the day. I had purchased several 2 for 1 permits to fish the Trophy Water that the Davidson River Outfitters controls. They have 3 miles under lease. It was close to freezing that am but we had a good day, and it was good to get my feet back in a trout stream. Right book fell apart right away, so camo duct tape saved my ass the entire day. I'll see if this text will allow me to attach a few photos.

I meant to tell you that I had three good strikes from what I think were some of their "trophy" fish. All three broke off. Was using 9'- 5x & 4x leaders. I still have 2 permits left to use before Jan. 1, so next time I'll be using heavier leaders. I was fishing large greenish or black Woolly Buggers the entire time.

Look up the Davidson River Outfitters on the internet, and look at their photos of fish on the private Trophy Water. Enjoy!

Hope you can join us one day. Wouldn't that be great! Uncle Jack
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