Friday, March 15, 2013

NIFT Donates Flies to Charities

NIFT's meeting on February 11, 2013 was dedicated to tying flies for three charitable organizations. The three well known charitable organizations were Project Healing Waters, Reeling and Healing, and Make a Wish Foundation. Each one provides hands on fishing workshops for adults and children who have suffered war injuries or are battling deadly diseases.

Credit for starting this program goes to Greg Senyo, the owner/operator of "Steelhead Alley Outfitters", located in Holland, Ohio. Greg's goal is to collect 3,000 flies, split them up into 1,000 fly packages, and give a package to each of these charities.

NIFT learned about Greg's plan from Kurt Kopala, a new NIFT member. Thanks Kurt.

NIFT members have tied and donated over 200 flies to this cause. The collection of flies includes streamer patterns, soft hackles, dry flies, foam beetles, muddlers, leeches, bead head nymphs, attractor patterns, pink squirrels, and more. The flies are being packaged for shipment to Greg Senyo. NIFT members also donated a fly to NIFT that will be assembled in a fly box and raffled off at the April Fundraising Auction.

Thanks NIFT members for your contributions to both programs.

Call or write with questions/comments.

Dick Dragiewicz - Fly Tying Chairman
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