Monday, July 09, 2012

Post Heat Wave Bass

I could not wait for the heat wave to end in Chicago so I could get out and do some fishing with my new Ross "Fly Stik" rod , Ross CLA 3 reel with SA 200 grain sink tip line. The temperature climbed as high as 105 degrees with heat index hovering at 110 degrees. Saturday night cooled off fast and Sunday would be 20 plus degrees cooler than the previous several weeks. The rivers were extremely low and weedy. My best chance would be a spring fed lake early morning. Upon arrival, the winds were pretty steady out of the Northeast. I decided to take the 3/4 mile walk to the East side of the lake to calmer wind and water. My fly of choice was the Murdich Minnow I tied up a few weeks ago. The bass were chasing shad near the shore drop off. This fly paid off well.
Jim G.
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