Monday, February 13, 2012

FlyBass Newsletter
February 2012

Dry Fly Fishing for Smallmouth (just for you trout purists)
I've just posted two videos, shot last summer in my labratory during the ephoron leukon hatch in late summer-early autumn. Part One discusses the rationale and fly selection. Part Two shows rising smallmouth and a cool hook up and land. 

Try Some Craft Fur this Season
We've added Rainy's Craft Fur to as an awesome substitute for bucktail and much easier to tie. Also, better get out the insecticide! We offer nearly every type of foam material you may need for tying poppers, hoppers and other terrestrials, including ants, beetles, and crickets. 

A New PEAK Vise: Now is the Time!
Ever dream about getting a new vise? I do - and I have a bunch of them. Fly vises are cool tools and I use different vises for different flies, even though it isn't really necessary. A great value in rotary vises is the PEAK Rotary. Beef up the whole set up by checking out the Base Camp Package or the ultimate PEAK Pro Tier Station, only from  Check out the video review of this baby.

YouTube Channel
Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Search Term: flybassdotcom - with tons of bass fly fishing videos.

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