Friday, June 24, 2011

Girls on Tainter Creek

NIFT member Liz J. writes;
Hi Guys, I sure miss coming to the NIFT meetings but my work travel schedule is still just crazy.  BUT...I do make sure I get out on the streams.  Here's photos of me and my super sister-in-law Sally on Tainter Creek in Vernon, CO Wisconsin in May.  What a fun weekend. Here's also a photo of me loading 10,000 bees in my new bee hive at our cabin at Wisconsin in April.  Never can have too many hobbies.  I'm planning to introduce my 12 year old niece to fly fishing in July when she spends a week with us in Wisconsin.  Wish me luck that I get her hooked. I'm sure I'll see y'all this fall at a meeting or two.  Thanks again for teaching me about the fine sport of fly fishing and tying.
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