Friday, February 18, 2011

A Day With Kelly Galloup

On February 9th, NIFT members were able to meet Kelly Galloup and learn to tie the signature fly patterns of one of today’s most creative fly tiers and hear him speak about fishing them.

Kelly has done it all in the world of fly fishing. He has worked as a professional guide, fly shop owner, lodge owner ("Slide Inn"), host of Fly Fish TV, author, fly designer, and more... He is well known for his streamer flies and the unique system that he employs for fishing them. Kelly has recently teamed up with Scientific Anglers to develop a fly line and St.Croix to develop a fly rod known as "Bank Robber", each designed for his specialized fishing tactics.

Kelly demonstrated and taught the following fly patterns;

Streamers: Barely Legal, Boogieman, Zoo Cougar

Dry Flies: Butch Caddis, Bugger Caddis, Galloup’s Drake, Galloup’s Cripple

Evening presentation: Kelly discussed during slide show presentation,  the unique style of streamer fishing that he has pioneered.

The NIFT members learned many new tying techniques from Kelly, laughed at his stories and enjoyed getting to know him. Thanks Kelly!
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