Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Lost World Of Mr. Hardy

Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier made a documentary about the Hardy Brothers company and other classic British fishing tackle producers.  It’s called The Lost World of Mr. Hardy. If you’re at all interested in classic tackle or the history of our sport, you  should have a look at this film.
This is not an action-packed destination angling movie.  It’s a soulful, insightful look at the traditional approach taken by Hardy in the early days, and the changes that the company (and the industry) has made over the years.
The vintage photos and video footage alone are worth the price of admission. The trailer below gives a little taste.

The Lost World of Mr Hardy (trailer) from Trufflepig Films on Vimeo.

Visit Hardy Fly Fishing website to learn more about the company history and product line by clicking here
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