Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rush Creek, WI - Jack M.

Jack wrote;

The end of each trout season is a little sad. Saying goodbye to a season, to streams, and to all the little extras we bump into along the way is not what I look forward to each year. However, when in our last encounter of the year I am blessed with a beautiful day and beautiful trout, I smile a little more than usual. I fished alone this trip, feeling the absence of fishing partners whose company I have treasured over the years but, at the same time, felt a closeness with myself, a chance to be just me, I reveled in the comfortable solitude and grinned at some of the silly conversations held with .................... me. Example: At the end of my day, I stopped back at a section that had been particularly productive and waded in hoping for one more trout. After a few casts.............. a strike. I tightened up the line and quickly brought in a small chub (the only one that day). I told that chub, as I carefully unhooked and released him, that I understood what it must be like being a chub and not much like the beautiful trout with which he shared the stream. I told him to be thankful for his beautiful home and that, possibly in his next life, he might be a trout! Along with the too many trout pictures in this mail, you will see a round white object. It is a puffball mushroom about 9 inches in diameter. Two of my trout went home with me along with the mushroom and that was our dinner the following evening along with some tomatoes from the garden. More memories from my trip!
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