Thursday, June 24, 2010

Still Fishing

Liz J. wrote;

My travel schedule for work really kept me away from NIFT meetings this year, but I'm still having a great time tying and  fishing in S.W. Wisconsin.  Here's a couple of photos for the blog.  One is of a trout lilly, a spring-blooming wildflower, called that for its speckled leaves which resemble the spots of a trout.  It appears for a few brief days and is gone, so you have to be at the right time/right spot to catch it, just like the brown I caught this weekend in the other photo.  I caught four in about 2 hours, it was very enjoyable.  I had the unique experience of having my CO2 life vest inflate automatically when I squatted down in the water to grab something I dropped before getting out and forgot I had the vest on.  The cows and horses in the pasture by the stream were wondering about this large, yellow balloon-like thing that emerged fro the stream a minute later to make her way back to the car!!!  I couldn't stop laughing.   
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