Thursday, March 25, 2010

Timber Coulee Wisconsin Opener

Bob wrote;

I wasn't going to go to Wisconsin for the opening weekend of trout but the forecast was for mid 40's and sunshine so Janet and I couldn't resist. Sure enough Saturday arrived and by 11 am the temperature was 45 degrees and no wind. The water was 44 degrees and the water level was low for this time of year, which surprised me given the snow pack. That'll change with nights above freezing forecasted for this week!. Do you remember what it was like sitting on a bank watching for risers with the sun shinning on you and you actually felt the warmth? It was like heaven on earth.

I fished from 11 until 1:30 and went back for lunch having exercised my fly casting muscles without so much as a hit. It reached 50 around 2 pm and I went back out. I saw 3 BWO's in the air after I walked near the bank, knocking them off the dead grass. However, dimples were on the pool I went to and I know from experience it was midges hatching. I caught 3 fish in succession on a nymph, size 22 beadhead which had a lime green body and black fur thorax.. I weighted it 6 inches above the fly to get it on the bottom. I just couldn't bring myself to use a dry until I had put my eyes on a few of those lovely Brown Trout up close and personal and they were bright, colorful, and full of life! Before I turned around it was 4:30 and I felt really satisfied and lucky .Tomorrow would be another day.

It lightly rained during the night and the fog was thick in the morning and the temp had gone below freezing. By 11 or so it was overcast and 40 ish with no wind so I went fishing. Nothing, like yesterday so at 1pm I went back for lunch. About 2:30 it was time and the temp was back to 50 degrees. This time the fish were rising in a different pool and I caught 2 Browns on a size 24 thread body with a CDC black wing.

The largest fish I caught was 11 inches and the smallest was 9 inches, which is very typical. I don't care to throw streamers which would be the choice fly for bigger fish right now. I just really enjoy the smaller fish on smaller flies and lighter rods.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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