Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Harry's Popper Extravaganza!

Words from Harry.
Enclosed are two photos of over 250 popper bodies which may be of interest for the NIFTy blog. I lathed most of the pike poppers out of balsa on a Dremal Tool lathe. I molded two dozen of the pipe poppers with two-part epoxy foam. The pike poppers all have 2/0 hump shank stainless steel hooks. Hooks were glued with slow cure epoxy in slots sawed in the balsa bodies. They are also suitable for saltwater use with an eight weight fly rod.. I used pre-made cork bodies for most of the bass and panfish poppers. Two dozen were molded with two-part epoxy foam. One dozen were lathed on a Dremel Tool lathe. Hump shank hooks were glued in cork bodies with slow cure epoxy. Bronze stinger and J-hook hook sizes vary from 10 to 1/0. All poppers have two coats of brushed on sanding sealer. This was followed by two or three coats of brushed on model airplane paint. Each popper was mounted on a rotating dryer after each coat of paint. The eyes were painted later with wood and glass dowel rods. The mouths were all painted yellow in another step. A yellow popper mouth is highly visible on the popping retrieve.Tailing material will be added on some this winter and on some later.
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