Sunday, April 01, 2007

Member Profile - John O.

1. Where did you grow up? NW side Chicago (Cragain Park)

2. What is your favorite fish? It’s a tie between steelhead and brookies

3. What is your favorite fly? The one on the end of my bent fly rod

4. What is your favorite color? Blue

5. What is your favorite book? D-Day Steven Ambrose

6. How long have you been fly fishing? 20+ but hot and heavy for the last 5

7. What is your favorite movie? I have a top ten list - that’s a tough one!

8. Where is your favorite place to fish? Pere Marquette, but I’m waiting for someone to help me expand my favorite places

9. If you could fish anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be? Alaska

10. If you could have anyone guide your next fishing trip, who would your guide be? Matt Supinski

11. Do you use an electric or manual razor? I think you might have to clarify “Manual”, is it like the hand cranked egg beater or? me out!

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