Friday, November 10, 2006

Images from Timber Coulee

Thought I'd pass on a few pics from this seasons fishing on Timber Coulee. As you know, the typical fish one catches on a regular basis ranges from say, 9' to 13" , while there is a sprinkling of fish in the 14" to 15" range for the Angler who is lucky enough to spend more time on the Coulee than the occasional few days. You have the chance here to catch fish up to 20" +, but not too many are caught other than in the Angler's mind! Those very large fish (for this area) are very spooky and nocturnal by nature.

The largest fish I've personally landed in the last 4 years was about 17" and was caught in the middle of an August day when the air temperature was 92 degrees. It was on a size 16 PMD! Jack Madden was visiting me and was taking several smallish fish, one after another, on a small yellow streamer in a pool upstream of me....I remember it to be like a size 12 hook tied with just a few yellow marabou feathers tied on top of the hook. The only thing fishy about that day is that it was overcast for the first time in about 3 weeks when there hadn't been a cloud in the sky. There's no picture because I didn't have a camera---who would of thought I needed one! I only went fishing because it was the first day a cloud appeared and I had cabin fever and Jack was visiting and it seemed the thing to do.

Of course, there were the fish I hooked, fought and never saw before they somehow released themselves which surely had to be in that 20'+ category.........

Submitted by Bob S.
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