Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Fellow Fly Tyers,

As you may know, I work with two groups that do wonderful work: Reeling & Healing Midwest, a group that hold fly fishing retreats for women with or recovering from life threatening cancer and Reel Recovery, a group that hold fly fishing retreats for men with or recovering from life threatening cancer.

During these retreats, they fly fish for trout and they need trout flies and this is where you can help me.

Sunday, Nov. 5, 2007, I am hosting an All Day Fly Tying Marathon from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. and I want you to come and tie up a dozen trout flies to be given to these two groups. Nothing fancy and they do not have to be show quality, GRHE’s, PT’s, Prince Nymphs, Soft Hackles, Caddis Dries, small Buggers, simple bright Parachute Dries, whatever you’re comfortable tying. Bring the materials to tie them with and join us here at the shop, the coffee pot will be on and we’ll switch to something stronger in the afternoon. We’ll have a dozen or so tying stations and you just may learn something from the tyers sitting next to you.

The Executive Director of Reeling & Healing Midwest, Cathy Sero will be here so you can meet her and find out more about these retreats.

What’s in it for you, just the chance to do something good for a worthwhile cause and gain my heartfelt gratitude.

Can’t make it? Send me a check for $10 made out to the shop and I’ll buy them wholesale and donate them to her in your name.

For more information on either group go to Reeling and Healing Midwest
or Reel Recovery

Give me a call at the shop; let me know about what time you’re coming and what you intend to tie.

For One More Cast,

Joseph Meyer

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