Thursday, July 02, 2015

4th of July

The fourth of July, a time to celebrate our country and a time to relax with family and friends. Isn’t it more than that though? What’s the history and real reason behind the 4th of July? How many times have we said our nation’s pledge, and not thought about what it was really saying?

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Unites States of America and to the Republic, for which it stands. One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

This fourth of July, don’t forget how we gained our freedom and our reason for celebration. Our forefathers took a huge risk when they stepped out to stand up for our country’s independence. Soldiers have fought for you and I and their families and friends have sacrificed so that we could have liberty and justice. This year, don’t let the reality of that slip past you. We are so blessed to live in this country where we can have the job we want, live where we want, and do whatever we want with our lives. Not many other people can say they have those freedoms. Though our country is not perfect, she is still beautiful, and that is because she was founded on God. This Saturday when you are relaxing and enjoying a barbecue, remember the sacrifice that was made so you could have freedom and remember how wonderful our country is.

God Bless the USA!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Green River - Flaming Gorge Dam
Click picture to read article about fly fishing the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam. If you have never fished this location, I highly recommend it. I had the opportunity a few years ago to take a guided float trip down the Green River below the Flaming Gorge Dam. I was driving back home with the family after spending two weeks in South Dakota and Yellowstone. It's an amazing fishery and the scenery is second to none. A few pics of Brown Trout from my trip down the Green River. Jim Gould.   

Catch 22

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Carp on the Fly


This was sent to me from retired NIFTY Member Myron.


Hope you are still finding lots of time to fish and continue to document your opportunities on the NIFT blog. I check that site often. Still miss the tying sessions and hope you'll eventually move the meetings to Tarpon Springs, FL. :)

Some time back, I believe you, Mark and I talked about carp opportunities in Northern Indiana. I've been chasing them ever since. Caught several two years ago, but was skunked since then. Well, that was the case until this morning.

Clear Lake in La Porte, IN is loaded with nice size carp and is easily accessible. But like all carp, they spook easily and are hard to catch on a fly. My previous technique wasn't working, so today I switched to the John Montana hybrid carp fly. Had a hit on the third or fourth cast, but it broke off. Moved to another area nearby and landed one that was just over 26 inches long (see first photo). It was tons of fun on 6wt setup. Moved to another area and the gills were quicker to the fly than the carp, but eventually I landed one more (2nd photo).

If you and Mark are still occasionally chasing carp, I highly recommend this fly. I've also caught big sunfish and crappie with it in Florida.
Myron J. Bezdicek

Thanks Myron for the info/update! 

NIFTY Club Trip 2015 - Gates Au Sable River Lodge

There were a total of eight NIFTY members who attended the club trip this year. We arrived to discover the water was running high and the area just came off a cold front a couple days prior. The fishing was slow but our spirits were high. We had a great time fishing the various stretches of the Au Sable River. Since the river was running high, members Mark LoVerde and Jim Gould decided to fish a local pond. It worked out real well. As always, it was a great time shared by all.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

IRON FLY (suburban) Chicago!!
If you want to have a fun time Thursday June 4th - then check this out!!
Click on picture to see what to expect.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Naples Florida 2015

A high school buddy of mine, Bryan Romane, called me and asked if I would be interested in helping him move his Aunt and Uncle from Orland Park Illinois to Naples, Florida. They reside in a two bed/bath condo on golf course and have a car for us to use. They will fly us back too. You guys know the answer to that question. Within minutes I put in for vacation time at work. I then called my cousin Capt Patrick Gould owner of Fishing Adventures and set up a charter to chase Snook, Jacks, Reds, Tarpon and anything else that would bite our line. I couldn't wait to get home and pack my fly rods and gear. On Tuesday we picked up a Uhaul, loaded up his Aunt's stuff and hit the road. First we had to fill our bellies with food at Chicago Bears player Steve McMichael's place "Mongos" in Romeoville. We drove til we hit Paducah, KY. We crashed in the truck for the night at a Walmart. The next morning I told my buddy I was buying breakfast, so we walked over to the hotel, walked in and ate breakfast.. lol. We made to Naples, Fl without issue. We fished off the docks at my cousins houses, catching Mangrove Snappers and Snook. We fished along the ocean and down to Gordon's Pass. Once on the rock jetty, I was able to land about a dozen fish on a Murdich Minnow. Mostly Jacks and Snappers. I had a 2 foot Barracuda break my line. Bryan was behind me spin fishing along the rocks in chest deep water. The water was so clear I could see 10 ft down to the bottom. I looked back at Bryan when something large in the water caught my eye. It was moving towards Bryan slowly. It stopped about 2 feet from him and surfaced. It was a juvenile Dolphin. So cool! About 10 minutes later I saw a very large dark object slowly approaching Bryan. I yelled down from the rocks, "Don't panic but there is something large swimming towards you".  Bryan stood still as the large dark object broke the surface about a foot from him. It was a 500 lb Manatee. It looked at Bryan and swam off slowly. Holy crap, good thing it wasn't a sand shark! Patrick took us out at night to fly fish for Snook under the dock lights. If you have never done it, it's a rush! I caught a bunch. The next morning we hit the water at 3:30am to chase Tarpon on the fly. It's a lot harder than you think to cast in the wind under a dock in the dark at a 75-100 lb Tarpon. I had a couple lookers but no takers. Maybe next time. We then fished until noon catching many fish as we worked our way south to Isle of Capri/Marco Island. We stopped off for a bite to eat at Pelican Bend on water in Isle of Capri. (Pic). As we cruised back to Bayview Marina in South Naples, we stopped to give bait fish to another charter captain my cousin knew. He had a father and son on his charter that were real quiet. We asked how was your fishing? The captain stated he was at ten different locations and did not catch one fish. We drove away and could only smile and laugh because our shoulders were sore from catching a ton of fish! What a blast! I have been down here numerous times and I would have to say this was by far the best time. The food and nightlife was excellent. Pincher's in Tin City South Naples over looking the inlet and Doc' Beach House in Bonita Springs overlooking the ocean are a couple good spots. Can't beat the sunsets! The Blue Martini Lounge was one of the best nightclubs I have been to. If you ever want a great time catching a bunch of fish in South Naples Florida - check out my cousin Patrick. NIFTY member Jim Gould.